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Crowns and Fillings

Restoring Your Smile in North Palm Beach, FL

Crowns and fillings are one of the most common forms of dental restorations available. While every dentist can add them to the smile, our dentist does so with precision and by being selective with the type of prosthetic used. Roy Hart, DDS provides crowns and fillings in North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and the surrounding communities.

Restoring Teeth Before They Are Lost

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental health concerns a patient can experience. If left untreated, cavities can lead to tooth loss and systemic health issues. Teeth with extensive decay that is injurious to your well-being would require extraction.

However, crowns and bridges allow dentists like Dr. Hart to treat tooth decay before it spreads to this point. Caries, the small beginning stages of tooth decay, are treated by removing the decay and placing a filling in the eroded area. If a larger cavity has already taken place instead, a crown can seal off and support the tooth after the decay is removed. These restorations are common in dentistry, but our North Palm Beach dentist is able to provide metal-free prosthetics with experienced, effective placement.

Aesthetic and Healthy Options

Traditionally, these restorations were made of metals that stand out in the smile. A silvery amalgam of metals composed fillings and crowns came in a silver-colored alloy or gold.

While metallic dental prosthetics are valued for their resilience, they can be very problematic in certain regards. The most common concern is that the restoration material looks unnatural in the smile and detracts from the aesthetic benefits of good oral health; the beauty of one’s smile is commonly tied to that person’s self-esteem.

Some patients may also have an allergic reaction or other health concerns regarding the metals used to create these restorations. This is especially true about amalgam fillings, which incorporate a very low amount of mercury as part of the mixture. The mercury in fillings alone are largely considered safe, but their impact on total mercury exposure and the possibility of patient sensitivity to the substance must be considered.

In order to avoid these cosmetic and health concerns, Roy Hart, DDS provides hypoallergenic crowns and mercury-free fillings to his patients. We exclusively use composite fillings, composed of a body-safe resin that matches the color of real teeth. While we can still provide gold crowns on patient request, most of the caps we provide are made of zirconia. This white crystalline material looks very similar to a natural, healthy tooth while remaining resilient enough to withstand daily use.

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